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A Bear Lamp Is A Great Addition To Your Cabin Or Home

bear lamp
Add a bear lamp to your cabin or home and enjoy the fun that this lively decor evokes.

You can add a more serious and artistic lamp like the one pictured to the right or you can add a playful and whimsical lamp in the bear style like some of the ones pictured below.

The nice thing about a lamp is, not only can it be very decorative, it also provides a major function in a dwelling.

If you are considering building or buying a log home or cabin, there is something you need to know about your interior lighting. Log structures require twice the lighting as flat walled structures.

Thats right, because of the texture of natural wood and the roundness of the logs you will always be wondering why your cabin is so dark if you just use the standard amount of lighting.

So, if you were thinking of putting a lamp on one side of the couch and only on one side of your bed, you might want to think twice about that...pun intended.

Not only will you need twice the light in a cabin but you will also need to consider what light does to each room in your dwelling. Interior decorators know the important role lighting plays in creating that perfect mood in every room.

Not only will the lamp itself help set the mood in a room, the actual light it projects, and how it does that, might even have a greater effect.

Black Forest Decor has a beautiful selection of bear lamps, accessories, furnishings and a whole host of decorating ideas for your cabin or home for redecorating or a total decorating project starting with nothing but your imagination.

See below for just a small sampling of the vast array of bear lamps, log cabin decor accessories and other ideas available at Black Forest Decor or visit their web site at

Bear TeePee Chandelier
From: Black Forest Decor

Honey Tree Bear Lamp
From: Black Forest Decor

Black Forest Bear Lamp
From: Black Forest Decor

Ponderosa Pine Cone Rustic Chandelier
From: Black Forest Decor

Whitetail 6 Antler Chandelier

From: Black Forest Decor

Antler Table Lamp
From: Black Forest Decor