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Cabin West Virginia

The state of West Virginia offers a perfect balance of country life and city settings. I'm sure you've heard that Virginia is for lovers, well, West Virginia is for scenery lovers.

The scenic views throughout the state are numerous and the recreational activities are abundant, so you will always have something to do on your vacation in West Virginia.

West Virginia is known by outdoor lovers as the recreation capital of the East. That's probably because you can find activities like whitewater rafting, mountain biking, great snow skiing, snow boarding, hunting, fishing, boating, camping and lots of national parkland in West Virginia.

West Virginia features more than 50 state parks, forests and wildlife management areas. West Virginia is known as the Mountain State because the Appalachian Mountains run right through the state.

West Virginia is also known for caving. There is plenty of subterranean exploring to do on your vacation and there are also specialized outfitters that can plan an exciting adventure throughout the hundreds of caves in West Virginia.

An interesting bit of trivia about West Virginia is that it is the only state that was actually formed during the Civil War.

Cabin West Virginia Accommodations

With all the adventures and exploring West Virginia has to offer you might have to spend a few week a year here. The best way to enjoy your West Virginia vacation is to spend it in a log cabin.

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