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Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park
South central Oregon holds a beautiful secret. It is known as Crater Lake National Park and it is located in a pretty remote area of Oregon. It is kind of in th emiddle of nowhere's Ville.

But, that's why it's worth making the time to see this secret treasure of nature in the Oregon forest. And because it is so remote, you really don't have to worry much about large crowds.

The 2 closest airports to Crater Lake are located in Medford Oregon which is 80 miles from the park and the other is located in Klamath Falls which is 60 miles from Crater Lake.

However, it is well worth your effort to get here!

Crater Lake Oregon is truly an amazing place to behold. When you first get up over the caldera rise of the ancient volcano, you simple won't believe what you see. Nature holds some really amazing secrets.

The intense blue waters of Crater Lake are the stuff of legends, but even though you may have heard of these sights, you can never really be prepared for that first experience when you get your initial glimpse. The caldera is 6 miles wide and was created when Mt Mazama erupted and collapse some 7,000 years ago leaving what we see today.

Crater Lake holds some breathtaking sights. One that stands out in my mind is walking down 3 or 4 foot wide paths to get out to various overlooks surrounding the caldera and looking down a 1,200 foot drop off. There are just a few spots like this and you will most certainly know them when you get there. I'll let you find these spots on your own, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Most of the year the lake is covered in snow and ice as it is know for getting some of the heaviest snowfall in the United States. Amazingly, more than 44 feet of snow, yes, that's feet of snow, falls every year.

There is a short window every year when Crater Lake comes out of winter and everyone who makes the trek can enjoy summertime at the Lake. However, even in mid-summer there is still quite a lot of snow left on the ground. Most park roads are closed late into the spring and early summer. You just don't mess with 44 feet of snow every year.

For things to do at Crater Lake, there are many. Historic hotels welcome visitors as well as hiking in forests that are old growth and filled with vegetation rarely seen. And of course in the winter there are a variety of skiing activities available around the lake area.

We hope you visit soon and enjoy the incredible beauty this national park has to offer.

Crater Lake National Park
Come to the famous lake and see the incredibly intense blue waters of this natural wonder. It will be a vacation spot you will remember and tell your friends about for years.

For accommodations relatively near Crater Lake we recommend the service below. Remember, Crater Lake is in the middle of nowhere! Enjoy your stay.