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Add A Deer Sculpture To Your Cabin Decor

deer sculpture
A deer sculpture or figurine can add a nice touch of the outdoors to your log cabin, lodge or home.

Hundreds of years ago, artists living in the Black Forest in Germany created exquisitely beautiful works of wildlife art. And as you can see to the right, these sculptures are incredibly realistic.

This Black Forest style is reemerging and is now used all over the world to decorate log cabins from Switzerland to the Rocky Mountains.

If you could find the originals of any of these beautiful antiques they would be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They are most likely to be found in museums or in old German castles converted into museums.

They are however available today as reproductions from a few decorators and are sure to add a old world touch to your decor.

You can choose from many different items in the Black Forest style such as deer sculptures, bear sculptures, lighting, clocks, chandeliers and many other accessories to give your cabin or home just the feel you are looking for.

And maybe you just built a brand new cabin and are looking for a certain decor style to go with. Why not choose the Black Forest style and outfit your whole cabin in this old European motif.

If you are building a cabin for investment purposes you need to know that one of the biggest success factors of your investment are the furnishings and decor style. What usually does the trick for most people is the way the cabin is decorated. Adding a deer sculpture to the wall or outfitting the entire cabin in the Black Forest style is sure to make people remember that your cabin stood out among the rest.

Whatever plans you have for your decor, from a single accessory to a complete redecoration or entire furnishing from the start we highly recommend Black Forest Decor for all of your cabin, country home and lodge furnishings. Of course, they have some of the nicest deer sculptures and Black Forest decor available.

How do you think they got their name?

Have a look at just a few of the available pieces from the beautiful Black Forest Collection.

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