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Get In Shape For The Lake Tahoe Marathon

Lake Tahoe Marathons
For ten years, every late September, hundreds gather for the Lake Tahoe Marathon, in what might be the most beautiful setting in the world for this challenging event. Past the granite Sierra Nevada mountains, snowcapped and towering over the runners, the race route winds along the alpine lake.

Sparkling blue lake to the left at all times, surrounded by Aspen and Ponderosa Pine, and mountain fresh Sierra Nevada air, the race challenges even the best runners. But the surroundings make the race easy on the eyes.

The marathon starts at Common Beach in Tahoe City on the west side of Lake Tahoe. The first nine miles are mostly flat and then begin to rise and drop from lake level to wooded areas with lake views. At mile 15.2 runners smack into the "hill from hell" which climbs 520 feet until the top at 16.8 miles. Runners gaze over Desolation Wilderness and spectacular Emerald Bay. The finish line awaits at Pope Beach near South Lake Tahoe. At its highest elevation, runners climb to 6,800 feet.

The Lake Tahoe marathon is surrounded by a whole week of activities called Marathon Week. A series of acclimation runs are targeted to runners who want a feel for the mountain air and have the desire to explore some off the beaten path areas. One event, the Tahoe Triple Marathon, encircles the circumference of the lake in three days, over 72 miles.

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The Tahoe 3-Day Triathlon offers participants choices between a 10 mile Kayak or one mile swim; 72 or 35 mile bike race; and a 10K, half, or whole marathon finishing on Saturday. Relay races, children's events and a 20 mile Power Walk offer something for everyone.

The Lake Tahoe marathon is an internationally known event and attracts some of the world's best runners.

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