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To Love Lake Tahoe Snow

THe Nearly Perfect Lake Tahoe Snow
How can you describe it, Lake Tahoe snow is special, unique, like cotton, fluffy, perfect, killer- all words used to describe the quality of the world class snow in this mountain and skiers paradise. Sierra Nevada snow sits a bit above the rest- it starts quick, snows hard, and then ends, leaving only blue skies and incredible views.

Normally, the snow begins to fall during mid to end November and ends sometime in April, however each winter is different. It is normal to have a huge snowfall for two straight days which dumps up to two feet and then sunshine for five days or more. An average of one day of snow for three days of sun. February normally sees the biggest snows.

Annually, an average of 409 inches of snow falls in the Lake Tahoe area, even more on top of the mountain summits. Warm and humid air from the Pacific cools as it flows up the Sierra Nevada mountain range, causing heavy snows; a process known as upslope snow.

The snow, highly reflective due to its crystalline structure, retains its fluffy, powder like feel for longer periods of time. The reflection from the snow can be dangerous for skiers and snowboarders on sunny days. Most years, the mountains fill with skiers and snowboarders sporting shorts. Although the snow is cold, the air receives heat from the sun making for perfect spring skiing.

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A plethora of downhill ski resorts and arguably the best cross-country skiing centers in the country benefit from the copious dumps that the weather brings to the area. Lake Tahoe offers more ski resorts and terrain than any other area in North America.

Come enjoy the Lake Tahoe Snow!

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