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Lake Tahoe Snowboarding Overview

Lake Tahoe Snowboarding
Lake Tahoe snowboarding attracts snowboarders from all over the world who come to experience the abundant snows and the famous views of the tenth deepest lake in the world. The snow, drops- on average 409 inches per year yet the sun shines three days out of four.

The area around Lake Tahoe yields 14 ski resorts with snowboarding. Whether you crave parks and pipes or good old natural terrain, a snowboarder's dream awaits around Lake Tahoe winters. Many snowboarding pros call Tahoe home. Come and see why.

Two of the biggest ski resorts in America, situated just minutes from the Lake, offer spectacular terrain and parks for snowboarders of all levels. Heavenly Ski Resort is so big it spans two states. This mountain boasts 4,800 patrolled acres and the number one summit at Tahoe, 10,067 feet.

Four terrain parks provide snowboarders days of fun including a new super pipe, cut with a 22 foot pipe cutter. After a dump, the steep, powder filled canyons offer killer riding. If you like bumps, stay on the California side, however most snowboarders prefer the smooth, so cross the line to Nevada for the steepest terrain on the mountain.

Home of the 1960 Olympics, Squaw Valley has come a long way concerning snowboarders. They now offer three parks and two pipes; and still the mountain looks out over the expanse of Lake Tahoe. Snowboarders love the man made features at Squaw, yet they say the natural terrain can't be beat. Granite Chief and Siberia draws the serious snowboarders up to the top of the mountain.

Squaw built a 550-foot long and 17-foot wall high superpipe- found at the Mainline Terrain Park, a legendary pipe. Belmont Park fills up with children and beginners who crave learning what getting air feels like.

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These two resorts flood with people during high season- for a more relaxed feel, trek over to Kirkwood, isolated in the southwest ranges of Tahoe. It takes a bit more time to get to, but well worth the trip as the lift lines move quickly. The steep terrain and the mountain's mammoth snowfalls, pull in the expert snowboarders. Kirkwood's gullies act like natural halfpipes and quarterpipes, challenging even the best. Kirkwood gets the best snow at Tahoe- deep, dry, and fluffy.

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