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The Perfect Lake Tahoe Weather

Lake Tahoe weather affords every single activity under the sun. Days and days of shining sun. The Lake Tahoe area boasts over 300 days of sun so you'd think that it didn't snow so much, but you'd be wrong. In fact, annually, 409 inches of snow falls in the area, even more if you measure the numerous mountain peaks which abound with deep, fluffy white powder perfect for the winter activity lovers.

A recording of weather for fifty years shows that the sun shines over 80% of the time over the Lake Tahoe basin.

Though dry air similar to the southwest covers Lake Tahoe during the summer, temperatures rarely exceed 80 degrees. June, July, and August averages one day of precipitation per month while the combination of forest and lake effect keeps the summer evenings warm.

Most of the precipitation that falls, dumps huge amounts of snow during the winter, an average of one day of snow for three days of sun. However it rarely gets too cold; December, January, and February averages 40, 37, and 39 degrees respectively.

The direct sunlight makes it feel warmer than it is. Maybe you've seen pictures of spring skiers coasting down the mountain in shorts- not unusual on the slopes at Tahoe. The spring and fall months average over 20 days of sun and moderate temperatures.

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The weather is almost too good to be true, but it's one of Lake Tahoe's main draws. Downhill and cross-country skiing; sailing, kayaking, boating, fishing, and swimming on the lake; or hiking and mountain biking on the mountain trails- the weather allows it all.

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