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Pikes Peak - Big Adventure Outside Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak Colorado
Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs, Colorado is an American legend for a number of fascinating reasons. The most visited mountain in American and second most visited in the world after Japan’s Mount Fuji, Pikes Peak has become one of the country’s most esteemed destination points. Standing at 14,110 feet above sea level, Pikes Peak Colorado is the 31st highest peak in Colorado.

There is also a great history behind Pikes Peak. Back during the great gold rush of 1859 the mountain became a symbol of the gold rush madness with the slogan Pikes Peak or Bust. It’s a colorful and well received history and stories of the gold rush that has fascinated tourists for all these decades.

Over 500,000 people make the trek to the summit house at Pikes Peak Colorado via Pikes Peak Highway or Bar Trail every year. The 19 mile trail is partially paved and remains open all year as long as weather permits. You can also ride to the peak in style via the legendary Pikes Peak Cog railway which also operates year round. Taking the cog railway is a unique and fun way to see the mountain and is almost as famous as the mountain itself.

There are over 15,000 people each year who forgo the train or their own vehicles and attempt to hike to the summit on foot. And hiking to the summit of Pikes Peak is no small endeavor. Make sure you are adequately prepared with food, water and proper hiking equipment including a good pair of boots.

There are three big events that happen at Pikes Peak Colorado every year and draw thousands of people to either take part in the events or be spectators. There is the Pikes Peak 26 mile roundtrip foot race up Barr Trail which is a marathon runners dream or nightmare depending on how you look at it. Then there is the now famous and always anticipated Pikes Peak International Hill Climb which is 12.42 mile race on the gravel road starting somewhere around the 6 mile mark of the highway. Then last but not least is the annual New Year’s fireworks display put on by AdAmAn Club.

There is no end to the fun activities that can be had at Pikes Peak Colorado. Its fabulous scenery and wonderful times all wrapped up into one. The rich history and lush surroundings make the area a must see for mountain lovers and adventurers alike. Come see for yourself what so many millions of people have already beheld and have a vacation you will remember for years and years to come. Pikes Peak Colorado is something everyone should see and enjoy to the max.

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