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The Tahoe Rim Trail Adventure

Tahoe Rim Trail
The Tahoe Rim Trail was completed in September 2001 as a 164 mile loop trail encircling the entire circumference of Lake Tahoe.

From this trail you pass through wilderness areas, a National Forest, state parks and the greatest benefit is that you get some of the most incredible views of Lake Tahoe that you can imagine.

Just check out the picture to the right to get an example of the majestic scenery you will experience on many places while hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail.

You can hike the entire trail if you are adventurous and you can even take your bike on half of the trail and even ride your horse on much of the trail. Access to the trail is available from nearly anywhere around Lake Tahoe and the local towns situated around the lake.

The trail rises to a maximum altitude of nearly 11,000 feet where you can get spectacular views of the Lake Tahoe basin and see many other small lakes as well. The trail also winds through bear country, so be on the lookout for these wild creatures.

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The Tahoe Rim Trail is usually marked with blue triangles to keep you on the path, but can be hard to see or find in the winter months so make sure you bring a compass or GPS to help you find your way.

You can also camp along the trail in several different areas, but make sure you stay in the permitted areas or obtain back country permits for camping and fires in wilderness areas.

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