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The next time you get the urge to take the family somewhere, make sure you stay in a Vacation cabin rental and enjoy the great outdoors in a home away from home. There are many locations around the United States to rent a log cabin and ralax in the coziness of these amazing accommodations.

Just imagine staying in a great location like Gatlinburg Tennessee, Lake Tahoe, or Yosemite National Park and getting to enjoy nature because you are right in the middle of it. In a log cabin you will be able to walk right out your front door or stand on your deck and be amongst the trees, streams and mountain vistas in some of the most scenically beautiful areas of the country.

If you like to stay in a cabin you are probably a little bit like us. You probably don't go for the resort type vacation where you ride touristy rides and stand in line all day. Am I right? You probably like to hike, mountain or trail bike, fish or just enjoy the great outdoors because of its quiet beauty.

If you love the outdoors as much as my wife and I do, then you will love what the vacation cabin rental lifestyle has to offer. There isn't anything like communing with nature and being right in the forest or looking off your balcony across a beautiful valley or peering off into majectic mountain tops. Staying in a hotel room just doesn't cut it while you're on vacation.

So what are some of the most popular areas of the country to find a great vacation cabin rental in?

Here's the list below, Click on your favorite destination below and don't settle for a boring vacation this time!

GatlinburgPigeon ForgeLake TahoeBlue Ridge GeorgiaYellowstone

YosemiteBar Harbor MaineBransonColoradoEstes Park Colorado

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Would you like to own your own vacation cabin, home or land?

If so, you can search eBay in any state for your perfect vacation cabin, home, or land that you can call your very own!

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